6 comments on “Truth is Stranger Than Fiction.

  1. That’s a big part of the reason I am no longer serving. Got tired of feeling like I was defending the BS gov’t and not this country’s ppl.

    • It’s a sad truth, man.

      While I certainly appreciate your service, I also understand why you need to separate yourself.

      I mean, the only people who have your best interests (and the interests of the people) in mind are US.

      Pun fully intended.

      The Government couldn’t care less.


  2. Truth is stranger than fiction ….. Here is one truth. Racism is a sin and those who believe in it are guilty of racism. Yes, blacks are racists for they believe in racism. How do we know they believe in racism? Because they talk about racism all the time. The looting blacks in Ferguson, Missouri, under the guise of racism, pillaged and plundered the mercantile community. Looting is a sin too no matter how you cover it up with racism. Crime begets crime.

    They believe in racism because they talk about it all the time. “Language,” according to Benjamin Lee Whorf, “shapes the way we think, and determines what we can think about.” Thinking is believing. That is the mystery of language.

    Who talks of racism all the time? Is it the Tea Party? No, they don’t talk about racism. Is it Congressman Paul Ryan? No, he doesn’t think about racism too. Is it Sarah Palin? No, not a racist. You know who thinks of racism all the time? Alan Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Oprah, Senator Reed, Nancy Pelosi, and a slew of liberal and progressive democrats. It is time we bring out the truth. It is time we expose those who are fomenting racism to bring chaos for a political gain. Racism is a sin and those who believe in racism are guilty of being racists.

    • I find it interesting that you point a finger at the entirety of the black race and call them racists. I also find it interesting that you call it a sin — as if some divine authority put you in a position to be the judge of such matters.

      I find that to be incredibly hypocritical, but that’s just an observation.

      You said:

      “Racism is a sin and those who believe in it are guilty of racism.”

      While that statement is rather confusing in and of itself (because you seem to be pointing the finger at others in this entire response), what you say later is even more confusing…

      “They believe in racism because they talk about racism all the time.”

      Right here, right now, YOU are talking about racism.

      TALKING about racism isn’t racist. Doing something racist makes you racist. Labeling an entire race as “racist” is indeed racist in and of itself, but I’m going to assume that you think I’m a racist because I’m pointing out all of the gaping holes in your theory.

      This argument is pseudo-intellectual at best. In it, you’ve literally been guilty of the very thing you’re blaming all black people for. On top of that, you were 100% self-righteous and judgemental.

      If you’re capable of using the internet and forming sentences then that shouldn’t need to be pointed out to you.

      I’m done with this response because you probably can’t understand it anyway.

      Let me guess: I’m a racist now, right?

      You’re foolish and you’re a gigantic part of what’s gone wrong in America.

  3. Why is Obama trying to start a race war again for the third time?
    First, it was Professor Gates who gained unintended consequences from his action. Christopher Monfort, in a politically driven, violent campaign against the Seattle police officers, responded to Obama’s call for race war by killing Officer Timothy Brenton and wounding Officer Britt Sweeney. It was followed by Maurice Clemmons who killed four police officers at a coffee shop in execution style. Then another officer responded to a 911 call and he was shot at upon arrival. Then the cop killing fizzled out.
    Then Trayvon Martin came about. Obama said that Trayvon was his soulmate and if he had a son, he would be like Trayvon. But Obama’s world collapse when it was revealed Trayvon had traces of marijuana which was enough to make him the aggressor. This was consistent with George Zimmerman’s testimony. And Trayvon’s school record of suspensions didn’t help Obama either.
    And now Michael Brown. Obama was careful not to make the same mistakes as in the past two incidents but his Attorney General visited the family of Brown and later vowed to put the full resources of the Department of Justice to bringing justice for the Brown family. This was also the promise of Governor Jay Nixon, a democrat. But where is the justice for the police officer? Is Holder and Nixon jumping the gun? Again, the Brown killing will end up just like Trayvon. Why? Because Brown was a thug and a bully while the police officer has exemplary record just like Zimmerman.
    The whites cannot do anything but just watch from a distance until the blacks stop being victims. Only the blacks can solve their problems.
    All race war will be like these because like begets like. Yes like begets like, and racism begets racism. Truth is stranger than fiction.

    • You literally just blamed one person for everything that’s wrong in your eyes, and you don’t see that as a problem?

      You think that’s the truth?

      I think a lot of very intelligent individuals would find your rage-filled assessment rather accusational with no grounds. I say “no grounds” because I keep running into loud-mouthed people that yell about injustices and laws being broken when they have no concept of the law.

      …they just make it up as they go. It seems to be a common behavior of those that watch FOX News.

      Let’s talk about the LAW for a second — we can use the Zimmerman case as an example…

      • George Zimmerman calls 911 to report a suspicious individual walking on the street in his neighborhood.
      (Walking through a neighborhood, wearing a hoodie – with the hood up – while carrying an Arizona Tea and a bag of Skittles is perfectly legal)

      • George Zimmerman is instructed to wait in his house for the police to arrive and assess the situation.
      • George Zimmerman ignored this advice and confronted the suspicious individual, all while he himself [Zimmerman] was armed with a concealed weapon.
      • An altercation ensues and George Zimmerman finds himself being beaten by one Trayvon Martin after pursuing a confrontation while armed (despite being told not to leave his home)
      • A young man was shot and killed.

      Here’s a few things to make note of:

      – George Zimmerman discharged a firearm in public [and into a human being] after being told to not confront the suspicious party. Zimmerman ignored this and started the altercation by confronting the individual.

      – Since G. Zimmerman initiated the confrontation – he initiated contact and thus, started a confrontation that begat a fight – what happened cannot be listed as self defense, for Trayvon Martin was unarmed.

      – So, the truth is that George Zimmerman killed someone after ignoring sound advice.

      Laws Broken:

      -Discharge of a firearm within city limits.
      –Assault (had he not gone outside and confronted Trayvon, there would have been no fight)
      …which eventually led to…
      -Murder (because he shot an unarmed person)

      He just got his ass kicked because he was being a racist fool.

      I have three sons and one of the is seventeen. He occasionally walks or rides a bike to the Grocery store that’s less than a mile from home to grab a snack, as teens are prone to do. On his way, he travels through both white and black neighborhoods. While he’s never been approached (to my knowledge), I do find myself worrying about a similar scenario involving my kid. People in our country are far too worried about the race issue. That issue exists because of ridiculous arguments like these.

      If we totally eliminated the mention of skin color in the Zimmerman case, more people would want to know why George (who the mainstream media made you believe was white – and nearly everyone bought it) left his house to confront a suspicious individual, at night, one the street, when he was instructed not to… with a concealed handgun?

      It honestly comes off as if he fully intended to use that gun before leaving his house. He at least wanted to look like a tough guy by frightening the would-be criminal with it. Again, the kid had an Arizona Tea and some Skittles.

      I cannot imagine what sheer carnage and civil unrest he could summon with those items.

      By the way, I’m a white guy. I harbor no “guilt”, either. I own guns and I don’t think yours should be taken away. I’m against that. The Government and the United Nations wanting to do that scares me and it should scare everyone. I also didn’t vote for Obama and I don’t personally like him (but, I’m not foolish enough to believe that he’s actually running the show by himself. I think our “votes” are nothing more than an illusion, anyway). However, I think GWB is a War Criminal and when people were pointing that out when he was in office, even I was guilty of saying they were crazy. I just stopped believing ANYTHING on FOX and then I stopped believing anything in the mainstream media.

      I started reading more into things and I started asking “WHY?” more often.

      People need to start educating themselves.

      You’d be surprised how much you could learn that way.

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