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  1. What are your thoughts on Secular Humanism? That’s what I am identifying with nowadays and I like it better than just Agnostic or Atheist. Because honesty, how am I supposed to know with complete certainty that there isn’t a God(s)/Higher power, etc? And I kinda feel like Agnostic is a cop out.
    Also I love your blog so far and I will try to keep up with it! Much better than Facebook. Haha.

    • Honestly, I’m all for Humanism. To some degree, I think every human on the planet (or otherwise) should be a Humanist to some degree. Everyone should have compassion and concern for other people.

      I don’t think being an Agnostic or an Atheist is a cop out because like you, others have their reasons for believing they way they choose. However, some simply aren’t passionate about it… which is also fine.

      With Agnosticism, I think it’s very comforting to be able to grasp the possibility of a Higher Being(s) while still saying “I don’t know”… because we don’t. No one can KNOW. Y’know?

      In Atheism, I fully understand how one can believe that there is no God(s). Science offers arguments to both sides of this point, especially if you consider the concept of how our consciousness actually works.

      Energy cannot be destroyed, etc. You’ve heard that argument, right? See, I know how brainy you really are, so I’ll deliver a different scenario to you:

      Have you ever considered the idea that you actually analyze and catalogue your own memories? Many people believe that their memory IS their consciousness, but the fact that you can literally observe memories in the ways that you can makes for an interesting study.

      Thus, I ask: What is the name of the thing that is observing your memory? What is the essence that is the deciding factor when you’re faced with a moral choice.

      Answer: Something we have yet to label. Because we can’t label it, many of us fear it. Mankind has a need to name everything.

      Sometimes, things are more beautiful when they don’t have names.


  2. I claim Atheism myself, only because I do not believe in any god. But, I do believe in, and have witnessed first hand, an afterlife. It doesn’t surprise me that your first post in about spirituality or the belief in the unknown. I have had that feeling, since we were in school together, that you were also interested in the mysteries of life. I love your blog so far. And I promise to come back again. Great job, Heath!

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