2 comments on “Seek Out Your Own Salvation.

  1. Jesus = Lord and Savior… or just another man in a historical chain of fear based decision making, offered up as an offspring of G(g)od(s) to appease darkened minds unsure of the unobservable world around them? If history has taught us anything, its that virgin births, walking on water and performing miracles are pretty damn common in the ancient world.

    • This is also true. The story of Christ is at least 6,000 years older than the biblical accounts. However, history also shows us that it tends to repeat itself often.

      It’s possible that the story of Christ is simply a re-telling of an older tale. None the less, it’s still interesting.

      Whether one believes it to be true or not — it’s all up to the beholder. As I stated in this entry, no one knows anything. At best, we can only assume.

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